Obituary of William Labarge
The Malone Farmer, circa 1903
Submitted by Annette Ponto

A sad case of exposure followed by death occured in Malone on Tuesday evening of last week. On Monday evening a dance was held on the Flat and William Labarge, a local violin player, who for thirty years has furnished music for small dancing parties, was engaged to play. After the evening was well advanced Labarge became ill and requested that he be taken home. Instead he was accompanied to the residence of his son, Henry, but his friends did not wait until he had aroused the family, thinking he would have no difficulty in doing so. Unfortunately he became suddenly ill or unconscious, for he lay on the steps when his son started for work the next morning. After hastily summoning a physician it was found that Mr. Labarges`s hands, ears and feet were badly frozen, which, together with spinal disease and kidney trouble from which he suffered, resulted in his death Tuesday evening. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Henry and Edward, and two daughters, Miss Cora, of Malone, and Mrs. Prouse of St. Albans.

[Note: William Labarge, Jr. was the son of William Labarge and Adelia LaMontaigne. He was born in New York in 1850 and died February 17, 1903 in Malone, NY.]

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