Obituary of Antonio Laberge
The Canadian Gleaner, Huntingdon, Quebec
circa 12 August 1915

St.Louis De Gonzague, 12 Aug. 1915

Lightning struck and killed Antonio Laberge, 16 years old, Monday afternoon. The boy who was the son of Treffle Laberge, was working on his fathers farm when about 4 oclock a violent storm broke out, accompanied by hail, thunder, and lightning. One fierce thunder clap preceeded by lightning sent the farm hands running for shelter to the Laberge home. On their arrival there they missed young Antonio, and his brothers were sent out in search for him. They found the body badly burned by the electric current which had passed through him, lying in the field. Deceased was a student at the Valleyfield college, where he pursued a classical course.


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